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Antennenmessgerät Rover DM-14c


  • Demodulated COFDM supplied
  • Demodulated QPSK, SCPC & MCPC supplied
  • Emulated QAM supplied (demodulated opt.) R
  • Interchangeable input connector: "F""IEC", "BNC", "N" R
  • Level/power 20–126 dBμV measurement
  • Easy to use, with separate or simultaneous ​
    visualization of the various measurements R
  • Modulation, Plan, Prog. No., Programme name,
    Channel, Frequency, DiSEqC indications R
  • 99 storable, mixed, RD–TV–CATV–SAT plans,
    one for each city or for each installation R
  • Encoder or keyboard navigation
  • More than 10000 storable programmes R
    manually or using a PC
  • Possibility of storing the name of the
    analog TV & SAT programmes R
  • Automatic search & memorization of TV channels
  • B a r s p e c t r u m o f p r o g r a m s / b o u q u e t s
    received up to 120 TV channels
  • C/N, SNR, MER, BER measurements
  • Visualization of the COFDM constellation
    (QAM opt.), with, x1, x4, x8 zooms
  • Digital programmes automatic quality analysis:
  • Very high resolution OSD graphics, with stable
    reading even without signals R
  • Bar chart for Power and Quality with PEAK HOLD
    memory & quality & minimimum limit indication R
  • Automatic noise margin measurement in dB R
  • Reading of the digital bouquets services/
    programmes, with indication of program name,
    audio PID, video PID and if it is encrypted
  • Digital network name identification, bouquet and
    encryption system, day, month, year R
  • Low noise RF input pre–amplifier, with automatic insertion
  • Return band Spectrum Analysis for Head End, 4-66 MHz,
    with reference lines and video OUT for TV modulator
  • IF input, 38.9–38,0–45.75 MHz
  • LNB current measurement
  • AC–DC voltmeter function

Bitte beachten: Das Messgerät ist im gebrauchten Zustand, gepflegt und voll funktionsfähig.

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